Vice-Chancellor's Book Award


The University has instituted a “Vice-Chancellor’s Book Award” in order to recognize the publication of books that bring credit to the University. Normally, one award will be made each year, and no award will be made if no book of sufficient merit is nominated.


The Vice-Chancellor’s Book Award Committee will consider for the award any book (including monographs, textbooks, novels, collections and popularizations) nominated by members of the University, or applied for by the author(s), which:

  1. has been written or edited by a current member of staff at Rhodes University, and
  2. is considered to bring credit to the University by reason of the contribution it makes to scholarly literature, education, science or arts,
  3. has been published in the preceding four years (i.e. 2011 to 2014).

Nominations should set out the title of the book, the type of book (eg. novel, textbook, etc.), the author or authors, the connection with Rhodes, a reference to, and copies of, any published reviews, and a motivation as to why the nominator feels the book should be considered for the award. The motivation should contain details on:

  1. the topicality of the relevant book for the particular field,
  2. the evaluation of the book as reflected by the reviews of the book in local and international subject field journals or elsewhere,
  3. the impact of the book in the relevant academic community,
  4. the contribution to the book by each author in the case of multi author books.

Nominators and applicants frequently wait a year after publication before submitting books for consideration, to allow time for independent reviews to appear.

Value of award

R40 000.00 or such other amount as may be determined by the University Council on the recommendation of the Book Award Committee.

The total amount awarded will be subject to income tax even if transferred into a special research account.


2005 P Vale
2006 PR Maylam
2007 BL Schmahmann
2008 D Wylie
2009 L Praeg
2010 A Krueger
2011 HJ Wasserman
2012 CI Macleod
2013 PC Henderson
2014 L Praeg
2015 AC Garman

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