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The Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Award for Community Engagement


Rhodes University has become a leading engaged university with a number of internationally renowned engaged research programmes and meaningful community engaged learning partnerships. The Vice-Chancellor’s Distinguished Community Engagement Award is a prestigious and competitive annual award which recognises meaningful and committed partnerships between members of the university and community partners in the areas of teaching, learning and research, where human and material resources of the University have been combined with assets found in local communities in order to contribute to sustainable human and community development.



All academic and support staff members who have initiated or facilitated a community engagement initiative/project/activity may be nominated for this award.  Staff members may nominate an individual candidate or a group.  Staff members may also apply in their own capacity to be considered for the award. Nominations and applications must be accompanied by:


  1. details of the history, aims, scope, methodology, process followed, outcomes of the community engagement initiative and the nature of the relationship with community partners
  2. a letter of commendation/reference from community partner(s)
  3. the names of two community referees and the names of two university referees


The Vice-Chancellor’s Community Engagement Award Committee will consider:

the developmental and reciprocal nature of the initiative/project/activity

the way in which the initiative/project/activity started, and community partner involvement

the nature of the relationship with the community/community partner(s)

the benefits to the university/staff, students and the community partner(s) involved

the way the initiative/project/activity enhances teaching/learning or research processes

The Committee will invite referees to comment on, inter alia, whether the initiative/project/activity is exceptional and worthy; whether the initiative/project/activity is recognised as being one of the most outstanding at the university.


For Service Learning Community Engagement Programmes, the Committee will judge:

i)           whether the  structure is according to sound educational principles, supplements and complements the theoretical components of the curriculum

ii)          the nature and quality of supervision

iii)         the nature and quality of training for the programme/project

iv)         nature and quality of assessment of the programme/project

v)          the extent to which the community partner(s) were included in the processes, reflection on the programme, contributed to student learning/development and were                 able to meet their organisational/group goals through the project/programme


Value of the award

To be confirmed



Professor Roderick B. Walker, Department of Pharmacy

Ms Mapula Maponya, Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Ethics

Dr Jonathan Davy, Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics
Mr Andrew Todd, Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics
Mr Ben Ryan, Department of Human Kinetics and Ergonomics

Professor Tally Parmer, Institute for Water Research

Professor Jacqueline Akhurst, Department of Psychology

Professor Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Department of Environmental Research Centre;
Dr Warren Potts, Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science
Dr Sharli Paphitis, Siyahluma Project Group

Dr Lindsay Kelland, Department of Philosophy;
Professor Catriona Macleod, Department of Psychology,
Mr Ryan Du Toit, Department of Psychology

Professor Sheona Shackleton, Department of Environmental Science
Dr Georgina Cudhill, Department of Environmental Science
Mr Nick Hamer, Department of Environmental Science
Mr Monde Ntsudu, Department of Environmental Science
Professor Heila Lotz-Sitsika, Department of Environmental Science

Professor Alfredo Terzoli, Department of Computer Science and Telkom Centre of Excellence

Mr Mandla Gagayi, Sports Administration

Ms Joyce Sewry, Department of Chemistry and Dr Ken Ngcoza, Department of Education

Ms Wendy Wrench and Prof Sunitha Srinivas, Department of Pharmacy

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