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Prospective Students

Drosanthemum species

Rhodes is now comfortably the smallest University in South Africa making for very favourable staff to student ratios.

Being small, Rhodes is a friendly, intimate University.

Despite being small, Rhodes University has resources on a par with or exceeding the best universities in the country.

Rhodes University places strong emphasis on supporting and producing excellent postgraduates. Students are encouraged to attend national and international conferences and to network with others in their field.

Grahamstown is a small, attractive University town – transport is cheap and easy.

Grahamstown is only an hour and a half away from Port Elizabeth and two hours from East London.

Rhodes University is ideally positioned for Botanical research, being situated in the Albany centre of endemism. Within a few kilometres of Grahamstown, forest, thicket, savanna, grassland Nama karoo and fynbos biomes meet and mix. Not to mention the fantastic Eastern Cape coast and estuaries half an hour away.

Of the approximately 4000 species found in the vicinity of Grahamstown, about 15% are endemic to this area.

There is a diversity of land uses around Grahamstown including formal conservation areas, game farms, commercial agriculture as well as communal and subsistence farming.

The department is well equipped for both field and laboratory studies.

The department is linked to the Schonland Herbarium, the 4th largest in the country with over two hundred thousand specimens.

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