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Craig Peter

MSc. (Rhodes) PhD (UKZN)

Associate Professor. Craig is interested in a broad range of ecological and evolutionary questions associated with plant pollination biology. His PhD. research examines the pollinator driven radiation in the orchid genus Eulophia. He is also interested in floral mimicry and deception in non-rewarding orchids, as well as the floral and reproductive biology of the Asclepiadoideae. 

Well cited papers include:

Peter CI and Johnson SD (2014).  A pollinator shift explains floral divergence in an orchid species complex in South Africa.  Annals of Botany (pollinator driven speciation special issue) 113(2):277-288.

Peter CI and Johnson SD (2009) Reproductive biology of Acrolophia cochlearis (Orchidaceae): Estimating rates of cross-pollination in epidendroid orchids. Annals of Botany. 104(3):573-581

Ollerton J, Alarcon R, Waser NM, Price MV, Watts S, Cranmer L, Hingston A, Peter CI, Rotenberry J (2009).  A global test of the pollination syndrome hypothesis. Annals of Botany 103(9): 1471-1480.

Peter CI and Johnson SD (2008). Mimics and Magnets: The importance of color and ecological facilitation in floral deception. Ecology 89:1583-1595.

Peter CI and Johnson SD (2006). Doing the twist: a test of Darwin's cross-pollination hypothesis for pollinium reconfiguration. Biology Letters 2(1): 65-68. doi: 10.1098/rsbl.2005.0385.

Johnson SD, Peter CI and Ågren J (2004). The effects of nectar addition on pollen removal and geitonogamy in the non-rewarding orchid Anacamptis morio. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B-Biological Sciences 271: 803-809.

Johnson SD, Peter CI, Nilsson LA and Ågren J (2003). Pollination success in a deceptive orchid is enhanced by co-occurring rewarding magnet plants. Ecology 84: 2919-2927.

Robertson MP, Peter CI, Villet M & Ripley BS (2003). Comparing models for predicting species’ potential distributions: a case study using correlative and mechanistic predictive modelling techniques. Ecological Modelling 164:153-197.

Botha CEJ, Cross RHM, van Bel AJE & Peter CI (2000). Phloem loading in the sucrose-export-defective (SXD-1) mutant maize is limited by callose deposition at plasmodesmata in bundle sheath-vascular parenchyma interface.  Protoplasma 214:65-72.


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