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Tony Dold

Schonland Herbarium [GRA] Curator Tony Dold


MSc (Rhodes)

Curator of the Selmar Schonland Herbarium, Grahamstown (GRA). Tony is a taxonomist with research interests in the family Mesembryanthemaceae and the genera Brachystelma and Drimia. He also interested in ethnobotanical studies in the Eastern Cape.

Some recents publications include:

Koorbanally C, Sewjee S, Mulholland DA, Crouch NR and Dold AP (2007). Homoisoflavanones from Pseudoprospero firmifolium of the monotypic tribe Pseudoprospereae (Hyacinthaceae: Hyacinthoideae). Phytochemistry 68: 2753-2756.

Venter HJT, Dold AP, Verhoeven RL and Ionta G (2006). Kappia lobulata (Apocynaceae, Periplocoideae), a new genus from South Africa. South African Journal of Botany 72: 529-533.

Cocks ML, Bangay L, Wiersum KF and Dold AP (2006). Seeing the wood for the trees: the role of woody resources for the construction of gender specific household cultural artefacts in non-traditional communities in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Environment, Development and Sustainability 8: 519–533.

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