Mapping the Curricular Response

Rau, A. 2009. Mapping the curricular response to HIV/AIDS at Rhodes University. Paper presented at ‘Qualitative research: Design and implementation’ [a research design course], 9 – 14 March 2009. Rhodes University, Department of Education.


In order to formulate a well targeted curricular response to HIV/AIDS at Rhodes University, it was necessary to understand what curricular interventions were currently being implemented. Accordingly a mapping of HIV/AIDS in curricula across all six faculties and 39 departments was undertaken in 2008 to establish where, and how, HIV/AIDS is currently addressed in teaching and learning.

This paper focuses on key factors and processes that guided the curricular mapping exercise and describes the final methodology, a mixed-methods approach, that evolved out of a series of consulting and piloting stages. Although some mention is made of different theoretical models that underpin the research, the presentation concentrates on the practicalities of research design and methodology.

Central to the presentation is the injunction for researchers to explore new methodologies: design decisions lead to a research product, but they also open out opportunities for personal and professional growth.


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