This website was set up as part of Rhodes’ Comprehensive Institutional Response to HIV and AIDS, which was funded by the Higher Health programme. 

HIGHER HEALTH is a project of the Department of Higher Education and is funded by the European Union under the European programme for Reconstruction and Development. Its brief is to research, initiate and support activities related to the management and mitigation of HIV/AIDS in the Higher Education sub-sector. It does this through supporting and funding institutional based initiatives, as well as through initiating sector-wide projects Rhodes’ Comprehensive Response to HIV and AIDS ran from December 2007 to January 2010, and included a number of projects. The biggest of these was the upgrading of the old Sanatorium into a more pro-active Health Care Centre with a well-equipped meeting room, as well as rooms for HIV/AIDS counselling and testing. (VCT). The newly renovated Health Care Centre was opened in September 2009.

At the same time, Dr Asta Rau, working in CHERTL , was commissioned to do research into the infusion of HIV/AIDS in the curriculum, and three Masters students received bursaries for research into different aspects of HIV/AIDS at Rhodes and in Grahamstown. An HIV and AIDS Research Forum was created in order to develop contact and cooperation not only between researchers working within different disciplines at Rhodes, but also between the University and the wider community. Ubom! Theatre Company was commissioned to develop a production, Risky Business, to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS amongst staff and students. A staff HIV and AIDS peer education group was set up aimed mainly at support staff members from Grades 1 to 8. Further information about these initiatives can be found on this website.

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