Student Programmes

Prevention campaigns and peer education for students are run by SHARC (Student HIV and AIDS Resistance Campaign) which is an independent student organization, aiming to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS on campus and in the wider Grahamstown area. In 2009, they ran a range of activities during Orientation week, including workshops in residences, workshops with House committee members, and the distribution of pamphlets to first year students. The Dean of Students office supported the Sharc workshops in various ways, by accommodating the peer educators in the residences during orientation week, and financing much of the printing for the programme.

Sharc trained about 90 new student peer educators in 2009, and ran workshops for a range of community groups. They ran a 3-day camp (Youth for the Education and Activism of HIV/AIDS) in early May, to train 35 high school students to become peer educators in their schools. They organized three highly successful testing drives, and held an AIDS Awareness week in August.

For the 2010 Orientation week programme, the Dean of Students Office has commissioned four performances of Ubom!’s Risky Business, which will be held in conjunction with Sharc workshops.

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