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Staff peer education group

Staff HIV and AIDS peer education group

The main aim of the peer-education programme is to give staff access to information, including education about HIV and AIDS in general, information about systems and policies at Rhodes related to HIV/AIDS, and information about resources in Grahamstown.

The role of the peer educators is to:

  • Provide information when approached by staff members, or refer them to an appropriate contact person or organization.
  • Attend follow-up support, training and discussion meetings, which are usually held on the first Wednesday of every month. These meeting provide the peer educators with an opportunity to raise questions they are unsure about, as well as to discuss what problems need addressing. Ongoing training sessions are organized, based on the issues that are being raised by staff.
  • Raise awareness of HIV and AIDS issues, through participating in and giving input into the Awareness Weeks and organizing activities around World Aids day;
  • Distribute pamphlets in agreed upon areas, and help monitor the condom distribution system;
  • Initiate further activities that are identified by the group as being needed.
  • Elect members to liase with the Unions, with Sharc, with the SRC, the Health Care Centre and to represent the structure on the HIV and AIDS Task Committee.

 The Educators

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