Condom distribution

Condoms are distributed free by the Department of Health. They are ordered from the Department of Health by the Health Care Centre, and can be obtained directly from there.
However, the distribution of condoms on campus works through the Housekeeping system. Condoms are stored at Housekeeping Stores, and can be ordered on the form that is used to order cleaning chemicals. They will be delivered with the cleaning chemicals.
At present, Condoms are distributed in the following places:

  • The library bathrooms
  • Eden Grove bathrooms
  • Barratt lecture complex bathrooms
  • Main administration block, basement bathrooms
  • Great Hall bathrooms
  • Bantu Steve Biko building bathrooms
  • Oppidan common room, and Oppidan office
  • Grounds and Gardens bathrooms
  • Psychology department bathrooms
  • Education department bathrooms
  • Within the residences

Last Modified: Fri, 02 Jun 2017 16:18:19 SAST