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WEDNESDAY 11 APRIL 2018 @ 17h00

VENUE: International Library of African Music  (ILAM) 

Topic: Neither Here nor There: Alterity and Mimesis in the Music Forms of Ilorin Women

Presenters: Stephen Ogundipe & Obianuju Njoku

Dr. Stephen Ogundipe is an African Humanities Program Postdoctoral Fellow from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, currently hosted by ILAM. His specialization is in literary studies.

Obianuju Njoku is a Doctoral Candidate in Music at Rhodes University. Her research focuses on the music of Nupe women in Nigeria.


Various approaches have been adopted in the study of Ilorin music forms in North-central Nigeria, but adequate attention has not been given to the blending of indigenous and Islamic values in shaping these musical forms, and their ensuing stylistic ambivalence. This neglect is a matter of interest as it is obvious that the music practitioners are indebted to more than one tradition. Ilorin occupies a space of sameness and difference because it is a Yoruba speaking community under the Fulani Emirate as a consequence of the 19th Century Othman Dan Fodio Islamic Jihad. The observation that Ilorin is ‘a city with no masquerade and no local tradition except riding of horse and use of arrow’ precisely articulates the richness and influence of Islamic culture on this Yoruba city. This presentation examines the cultural interstices of the Ilorin community and how this in-betweenness influences and reflects in the music performed particularly by women. The aim is to begin an interrogation of the in-between space where Ilorin music genres meet and transform.





The Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa invites you to attend The 2018 Annual Shakespeare Birthday Lecture

TOPIC:  'Ripeness is all': Guy Butler as Shakespearean Scholar and Teacher   -- A Centennial Celebration --

PRESENTED BY:  Prof Paul Walters

Refreshments afterwards. Donations at the door. Membership subscriptions payable.



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