A Pollutant's Tale


In October 4 postgraduate students and Mrs Joyce Sewry went to Komga Junior School in Komga where they did "A Pollutant's Tale" to all 220 learners in the school hall.

After that set up the hall was set up for 2 hands-on experiments for the learners. The experiments were making slime, and finding the unknown concentration of hydrochloric acid by measuring  the time it takes for a piece of magnesium ribbon to dissolve. Approximately 100 grade 5 - 7 learners took part in the hands-on experiments.Comments from the learners: “Science is fun and interesting, one of the best subjects”“Science is very good for you because it tells you about nature that is why I like science” When the teachers were asked about the effects of “A Pollutant’s Tale” on the promoting positive attitudes towards science, they said:“Excellent. The whole demonstration was excellent. It keep us continually in suspense. If Science lessons were presented in a similar manner learners will definitely be hooked on science”“Any science experiments seen by our pupils is great. Junior school chdn maybe need simpler explanations. It was very positive judging from the reactions of the chdn! Hectic!”

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