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Professor G.M. Watkins


As a physical inorganic chemist, my areas of interest are molecular spectroscopy, coordination chemistry and bioinorganic chemistry, applied to areas such as nanotechnology, medicinal and industrial uses. The group works with nmr, infrared and Raman spectroscopy, UV-visible spectroscopy, XRD(P), thermal analysis (TG, DSC and TG-FTIR) BET and molecular modelling. 

Contact Information:

Telephone: +27 46 603 8923
Fax: +27 46 622 5109
Secretary: +27 46 603 8254
Email: g.watkins@ru.ac.za

Courier and Postal Address:

Department of Chemistry; 2nd Floor; Room S2
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building
Corner of University and Artillery Roads

For more info on me click on the following link ->> Professor G.M. Watkins

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