Nanoscience involves the study of materials with very small dimensions.  Many materials are investigated in the Department from 1-dimensional materials such as Quantum Dots to nanotubes and 3-D materials.The synthesis and characterisation of the unique properties of these materials are the focus of some projects, while others aim to take advantage of these properties in developing medical applications, sensors, electrospun nanofibres for analytical chemistry, etc.

Distinguished Professor Nyokong’s group has been very active in the use of nanomaterials for more effective cancer therapies such photodynamic therapy (PDT) and sensors. Other researchers including Prof Krause and Prof Watkins have focussed nanomaterials for drug delivery, catalysis, water treatment and renewable energy.

Further information can be obtained from the INI webpage: or by contacting Prof Nyokong (, Prof Watkins ( or Prof Krause (

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