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NMR Training

You can access our NMR facilities directly either as a SERVICE or through TRAINING.

Training is provided inhouse to all researchers and students.

This consists of:

NMR Application for Training

  • Booking - the  NMR Training Booking‌ form can be filled in and handed to Room F39 in the Chemistry Department, or e-mailed to chemistry@ru.ac.za
  • Initial training is conducted regularly depending on the trainer's availability and you will be notified of this my e-mail.
  • Training is followed by supervised practice before a short theoretical test. If you successfully complete the test you will then be allowed to use the 300 and 400MHz spectrometers.

The booking system is available online and as you qualify to operate an instrument it will be made available for you to use.  Demonstartion of profficiency may be required through a practical test to access advanced functions.

This training process is both to protect our investment as well as to meet new requirements around reporting.

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