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DISCLAIMER:  THESE OUTLINES ARE FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. While we attempt to maintain the latest versions any changes will be communicated in class by either the course coordinators or the lecturer concerned.  


Chemistry I, which comprises two semester credits (CHE101 and CHE102), covers fundamental aspects of general, analytical, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry and provides students with a basic knowledge of chemical principles for application in other disciplines or as a foundation for a chemistry major. 

The Second and Third Year curricula (each comprising two semester credits; see boxes) reflect an innovative approach,  emphasising  the interdisciplinary nature and relevance of chemistry in modern society without sacrificing academic rigour.  Chemistry is an experimental science, and all undergraduate students have a practical each week.

Second Year Curriculum

CHE201: first semester
Modern Analytical Methods
Principles; Spectroscopic methods: UV, IR,
1H - and 13C - NMR, MS , Atomic absorption/emission; Electroanalytical techniques; Chromatography
Entrepreneurial Chemistry Project
Chemical Thermodynamics including environmental aspects

2019 Chemistry 1 Course Handout

CHE202: second semester
Strategic Organic Resources
Fossil fuels and organic chemicals
Feedstocks and reactions: alkenes and alkynes;
Cycloalkanes: stereochemistry and synthesis;
Aromatics: mechanisms; orientation effects;heterocycles.
Polymer Chemistry: Natural polymers: rubber,
carbohydrates; Synthetic polymers;Physical properties.
Chemical kinetics of complex reactions including polymerization
Inorganic Chemistry: Periodic trends

2019 Chemistry 2 Course Outline 


Third Year Curriculum

CHE301: first semester
Chemistry at the Biological Interface
Organic Synthesis/Retrosynthesis
Green Chemistry
Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Modelling
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Photochemistry and Photodynamic Therapy

CHE302: second semester
Physical Chemistry and Strategic Inorganic
Linear Free Energy
Advanced Chromatography
Transition Metal Chemistry
Organometallic Chemistry

2019 Chemistry 3 Course Handout

3rd Year Internship




Masters and PhD enquiries 

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Graduation Information

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