Instrumentation Booking

Below are contact details for equipment bookings and cost:

Elemental Analysis: Mr Francis Chindeka ( / Ms Gail Cobus (

EPR: Dr John Mack ( / Ms Gail Cobus

ICP: Mr Francis Chindeka / Mrs Benita Tarr (

IR: Mr Francis Chindeka / Prof Gary Watkins (

NMR: Dr Pierre Kempgens ( / Prof Rui Krause ( / Ms B.Tarr (

Raman: Dr Jonathan Britton ( / Ms Gail Cobus

UV - VIS: Dr John Mack / Dr Jonathan Britton 

XPS: Dr Philani Mashazi ( / Ms Gail Cobus

X-Ray Diffraction: Dr Jonathan Britton / Ms Gail Cobus

Mass Spec:  Prof R Krause and Mrs B Tarr

NMR is available to students and researchers as well as industry through training, but a limited service is also run.

High-Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Mass Spectrometry Service

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