Chemistry Schools Interaction

                                      scifest 2019  

The Department of Chemistry was actively involved in Scifest 2019.


Two titration and two organic functional group workshops were run for learners. These workshops, especially titrations, are popular with learners and teachers alike. As a teacher from Matatiele explained, “we can easily do the ester experiments, because they do not require expensive equipment, but we do not have the equipment for our learners to do titrations. I have one burette to demonstrate the titration to the class, but here each learner gets a chance to do their own”.

Science show

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Scifest, “Choose your Element”, Prof Rui Krause and Dr Vincent Smith did two shows in the Guy Butler Theatre at the Monument. Entitled an “Extra-terrestrial Whizz through space”, Krause, Smith and postgraduate students took the audience on an exploration of chemistry in the solar system. Together they discovered alternate fuel sources, made magnificent explosions, discovered strange new planets with ‘glowing’ inhabitants and learnt about the unusual properties of gases in these extra-terrestrial environments. The students who participated talked about the experience for some time afterwards while others were left wanting to know more.

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