Masters and PhD Enquireis

Note the following steps required before being able to complete an online application.

If you plan to register for a Masters or PhD degree please note the following:

1.  Contact the academic staff member of the Department of Chemistry to discuss your proposed project.  (see below contact details for staff member)

2.  Once you mailed the proposed supervisor then submit a short CV and academic transcript.

3.  Submit Project Proposal

4.  Indicate your funding plans

5.  Once the department is happy to allow you to apply,  the department will capture your results on the departmental student system.

6.  You will receive an e-mail from the departmental administrator confirming you may proceed to complete the application form online.

For financial enquiries please contact post graduate funding -

For medical aid enquiries please note below options:

Option 1  Momentum -  contact  Clinton van Boomen e-mail  

Option 2  CompCare  e-mail   -


Current programmes

Professor R Klein                                                                                                           

Synthesis and application of organolithium and organochromium compounds; Heterocycles with medicianl potential

e-mail contact (Head of Department)

Professor T Nyokong                                                                                                      

Development of sensors for analysis of pollutants and of neurotransmitters; Photodynamic therapy of cancer; Nanotechnology                                                                  
e-mail contact

Professor G Watkins
Spectroscopic and thermal studies of coordination and organometallic complexes. Supramolecular chemistry – design of nanomaterial. Bioinorganic chemsitry                        

e-mail contact

Dr R Krause

e-mail contact

Mrs J Sewry
Chemical Education; Service Learning and Community Engagement                                          
e-mail contact

Professor P Kaye
Asymmetric synthesis of chiral molecules.
Assign and synthesis of metal-selective ligands and catalysts. 
Application of computational methods in the elucidation of organic reaction mechanism. 
Synthetic and physical organic studies of heterocyclic compounds with medicinal potential (e.g. HIV-1 inhibitors, antimalarials). 
contact  e-mail

Dr K Lobb
contact e-mail

Dr P Mashazi
contact e-mail

Dr T Tshiwawa
Molecular modeling and Ethnochemistry

contact e-mail

Dr N Molefe
Liquid crystals

contact e-mail

Dr K Ramollo

contact e-mail  



DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY  (Prof Klein; Prof Lobb; Prof Mashazi; Prof Krause; Mrs Sewry; Dr Tshiwawa; Dr Molefe; Prof Kaye; Prof Watkins and Dr Ramollo) 

general e-mail address  :  OR

Mrs B Tarr  ( OR Ms B Magopeni (

NIC (Professor Nyokong/Dr Mack or Dr Britton)

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