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Khuselwa Anda Tembani

Khuselwa Tembani

Khuselwa Anda Tembani completed her Master’s in Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University. Funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation her master’s research is titled “The meanings of the social media practices of African women engaged in Multi-Level Marketing in Makhanda.”

She is currently completing her PhD at the CSSR, exploring the “narratives of support among pregnant women in the Eastern Cape.” The main question in her study is, “how do the narratives pregnant women tell of their pregnancy journey, and the discursive resources on which they draw in these narratives, speak to pregnancy supportability and social support?” Her research is a part of a larger project in the CSSR, the “Pregnancy Supportability: Holistic health systems responses to maternal health drying and after the COVID-19 pandemic”which aims identify, analyse and address contributing factors to maternal health inequities from the perspective of pregnancy supportability/in supportability. This research is supervised by Dr Ulandi du Plessis and Distinguished Professor Catriona Macleod and it is funded by the National Research Foundation.

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