A policy brief based on a study conducted by the CSSR that explored pre-abortion counselling within the public health sector of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. To download click here: Revamping pre-abortion counselling in South Africa

This policy brief presents an overview of research conducted on Life Orientation Sexuality Education in South Africa. To download: Rolling out comprehensive sexuality education in South Africa: an overview of research conducted on Life Orientation sexuality education

This research brief discusses this widespread violence, to which younger  learners are particularly susceptible, and makes recommendations for school-based interventions that address intimate partner violence. To download: SeViSSA Policy Brief 1: Very high rates of sexual violence with younger learners most vulnerable?

This research brief discusses the culture of silence accompanying these forms of violence, and the tendency for young people to normalise and justify such violence. To download: SeViSSA Policy Brief 2: A culture of silence that normalises widespread violence?