Megaera Jones

Megaera Jones began her studies through correspondence at the University of South Africa, from which she holds a BA in Psychology and Criminology (cum laude). In 2015 she went on to complete her BA Honour’s in Psychology at Rhodes University.

In 2017, Megaera began her journey with the CSSR research unit where she completed a MA in Psychology (with distinction) under the supervision of Dr Malvern Chiweshe and Dist. Prof Catriona Macleod. The MA thesis, entitled: The digital rhetoric of rape culture: ‘Official’ and ‘unofficial’ arguments at Rhodes University, drew on contemporary rhetorical theories, informed by a feminist poststructuralist perspective, to explore how constituents at Rhodes University were using online mediums to discuss how rape culture should (and should not be) addressed on campus, following the 2016 #RUReferenceList protest at the University. In 2019, she presented a paper based on this work at the annual PSYSSA conference.

Currently, Megaera is enrolled as a PhD student at the CSSR, where she is busy conceptualising her PhD thesis topic under the supervision of Prof Macleod. Broadly, this research seeks to investigate reproductive autonomy, coercion and control in relation to women’s online stories of unwanted abortions.

During her time at the CSSR, Megaera has gained experience with organising international conferences, local and national research events, working as a research intern on various projects, supervising postgraduate students, and giving educational workshops. Additionally, she is an editorial assistant for the SAGE academic journal: Feminism & Psychology.




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