Doctoral Dissertations

Barker, K. E. (2022). Making the personal political: Understanding the impacts of participation in an anti-rape protest for women who have experienced sexual violence. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Du Plessis, U. (2019). Governing pregnancy in South Africa: Political and health debate, policy and procedures. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Mavuso, J. (2017). Narrated experiences of the pre-termination of pregnancy counselling healthcare encounter in the Eastern Cape public health sector. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Feltham-king, T. (2015). Risk and responsibility: The management of the teenaged woman within the antenatal healthcare nexus. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Chiweshe, M. T. (2015). A narrative-discursive analysis of abortion decision-making in Zimbabwe. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University)

Moodley, D. D. (2015). Nascent Desires: Gendered Sexualities in Life Orientation Sexuality Education Programmes and Popular Music. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Ngqangweni, H. (2013). ‘Gender’ and constructions of spousal mourning among the AmaXhosa in the Eastern Cape. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University)

Marx, J. (2011). (In)visibility and the Exercise of Power: A Genealogy of the Politics of Drag Spectacles in a Small City in South Africa. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Morison, T. (2011). “But what story?” A narrative-discursive analysis of “White” Afrikaners’ accounts of male involvement in parenthood decision-making. (PhD thesis, Rhodes University).

Masters Dissertations

Walton, D. J. (2021). The Narratives of Women in South Africa Who Use Social Media To Talk About Gender-Based Violence. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Ludidi, Z. (2021). Sexual socialisation: Young adult women storying how sexual activities were discussed in South African cultural contexts (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Bredenkamp, P. (2021). Alcohol use among women attending antenatal care in Buffalo City, Eastern Cape. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Molobela, R. L. (2019). Constructions of United States Government development funding in response to the Global Gag Rule. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Jones, M. (2019). The digital rhetoric of addressing rape culture: “Official” and “unofficial” arguments at Rhodes University. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Kalyanaraman, Y. (2019). An intracategorical intersectional framework for understanding ‘supportability’ in womxn’s narratives of their pregnancy. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Matebese, S. (2019). Women’s narratives about alcohol use during pregnancy: A narrative-discursive study. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Msomi, N. N. (2019). Discursive constructions of alcohol use and pregnancy among participants in intervention aimed at reducing Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Tsetse, N. (2019). Template ecological analysis of the narratives of partner’s and familiy member’s of women who consumed alcohol in pregnancy. (MA thesis,Rhodes University).

Robertson, C. A. (2018). Colloquial terms used in young adults’ talk about sexual practices, sexual subjectivities and sexual desires. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Moore, S.-A. (2018). Policy responses to the sexual and reproductie health of queer youth in the Global South: A systematic review. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Ndabula, Y. (2017). Sistering and sexual socialisation: A psychosocial study of Xhosa women’s “sex and reproduction talk” with their sisters. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Jearey-Graham, N. (2016). Dialogues of sexualities: An action research project. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Fleischack, A. (2015). Counsellors’ talk about their understanding of, and practices in response to, intimate partner violence during pregnancy: A narrative-discursive analytic study. (MA thesis, Rhodes University)

Jeary-Graham, N. (2014). Resisting responsibilisation: A narrative-discursive analysis of young peoples’ talk about high school sexualities and school sexuality education. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Mavuso, J. (2014). Women’s micro-narratives of the process of abortion decision-making: Justifying the decision to have an abortion. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Seutlwadi, L. (2012). Adolescents ’ knowledge about abortion and emergency contraception: a survey study. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Hansjee, J. (2011). Abortion as disruption: Discourses surrounding abortion in the talk of men. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Bowes, T.-A. (2009). Discourses around abortion in a low-income community in the Western Cape. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).

Sigcau, N. (2009). Public discourses on Choice of Termination of Pregnancy in a rural area of the Eastern Cape Province in South Africa. (MA thesis, Rhodes University).



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