2018 Geography Graduates

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Christel Hansen
Christel Hansen

In total we have 39 students graduating with Bachelors Degrees majoring in Geography, 16 Honours graduates, nine MSc's and one PhD. Every year we award two prizes; these are as follows:

  • The Rennie Prize for best 3rd Year student goes to Wiebke Langner; and
  • The Forbes Prize for the Best Honours Research Project is being awarded to Jarryd Pauls.

Our MSc graduates are Laura Bannatyne, Natalie Ellis, Danuta Hodgson, Nic Huchzermeyer, Jenna Knox, Juilette Lagesse, Shaun McNamara, Pippa Schlegel, and Nicola Wilmot.  Laura received some fantasitc comments from her external examiners and will receive her degree with distinction.

Christel Hansen is graduating with a PhD for her thesis titled “On High-Altitude and High-Latitude Frost Environments”. Her research investigated geomorphological processes and landscapes in high altitude and high latitude environments, in Antarctica, sub-Antarctic Marion Island, and the Eastern Cape Drakensberg.  Christel’s findings showed that Geomorphology is not exclusive to specific regional climatic regimes. The results also provide an ideal platform to investigate current environmental trends, and enable us to predict future changes to our planet. In addition to her pioneering academic work, Christel was the first South African woman to lead an Antarctic field team.



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