Masters in Geography

Degrees Offered:
MSc, MA and MSocSci

Candidates must identify a potential supervisor, by checking on their respective research fields.  It is imperitive that the candidate consults with a prospective supervisor before applying for admission, which requires a short concept note that serves as a preliminary proposal, and which must accompany their application.

Apply through the Rhodes University Postgraduate Gateway.

Masters degrees in the Department of Geography are obtained through undertaking individual research.

An appropriate Honours Degree with a a grade of at least 65%.  The mark obtained by the candidate for their Honours Research Project should be at least 70%.  In addition, the candidate should have specific expertise in the research field to be investigated.

Rhodes University offers orientation for postgraduate students.  in adition, the candidate's supervisor will provide orientation and mentorship for the project.

Field Trips:
It is taken for granted that the candidate will spend significant time in the field.

Students are expected to attend and present a paper at at least one appropriate academic conference.

Ms Gillian McGregor

National Credit Equivalent:
240 (i.e. 2400 Notional Hours)

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