This component of the website is still under construction, but some of the current project being researched are as follows:

  • The origin and development of wetlands (Prof Fred Ellery).
  • The Krom Wetland (Prof Fred Ellery).
  • Small town Geographies (Ms Philippa Irvine).
  • Urban Gentrification (Ms Philippa Irvine).
  • Urban Studentification (Ms Philippa Irvine).
  • The honeybush industry in South Africa (Ms Gillian McGregor).
  • Landuse mapping and landuse change (Ms Gillian McGregor).
  • Landscape Processes in Antarctic Ecosystems (Prof Ian Meiklejohn).
  • Applied Remote Sensing (Prof Ian Meiklejohn).
  • Human migration and gender (Ms Sinenhlanhla Memela).
  • Soil erosion and sediment tranport in the Tsitsa Catchment (Dr Bennie van der Waal).