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Introductory Human Geographies (GOG 102)

This course examines key concepts and understandings in Human Geography and forms an introduction to the sub-discipline. Space and Place are fundamental to understanding human societies and structures. Key themes include modes of production and consumption; demography and migration; inequalities and development; globalisation; and exploration of urban and rural spaces through the lens of political, economic, social and spatial contexts throughout human history.




Dr S. Memela & Ms P. Irvine 


Students may not register for GOG102 unless they have met the minimum requirements in theory and practical for EAR101 (i.e. 35 % for each). Students may register for GOG102 as an individual course, without EAR101. Then, a mark above 50 % for Geography in the National Senior Certificate is required.

DP Requirements:

Over 80 % lecture attendance; attendance and completion of ALL tutorials, assignments and practicals.


Can be aggregated with EAR101 as GOG 1.


15 (i.e. a minimum of 150 notional hours)


Coursework:  50 %; Exam:  50  %


A single, three-hour paper or two two-hour papers; normally a total of four essays (25 marks each) = 100 marks total.


Mark required to permit an aggregated mark for Geography 1:  40 %

Sub-Minimum required for a Supplementary Exam:  40 %

Note: Even if you achieve the sub-minimum, you are NOT guaranteed a Supp.

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