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Introduction to Earth Science (EAR101)

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This course introduces the processes that have shaped the Earth and its environment over both geological and recent time scales. The interrelationships between the Earth, the atmosphere and physical systems form a key theme through the course.




Prof. I. Meiklejohn (Geography) & Prof. S. Prevec (Geology)


A matric pass in Geography or a mark of over 50 % for Geography in the National Senior Certificate examination.

DP Requirements:

Over 80 % lecture attendance; attendance and completion of ALL tutorials, assignments and practicals.


EAR101 marks can be combined as an aggregated mark with GOG102 as GOG 1 or GLG102 as GLG 1. Permission to aggregate across semesters is at the discretion of the relevant Head of Department.


15 (i.e. a minimum of 150 notional hours)


Coursework:  60 %; Exam:  40 %

The coursework comprises quizzes, online tests, written tests, tutorials and practical exercises. The exact distribution of marks is fluid, given the COVID situation. At least for Term 1, the various coursework assessment components are managed every week.


Given the fluid COVID situation, the exact nature of the exams cannot be finalised.


Mark required to permit an aggregated mark for Geography 1:  40 %

Sub-Minimum required to allow the candidate to rewrite:     35 %

Note: Even if you achieve the sub-minimum, you are NOT guaranteed a rewrite.


EAR101 Lectures

Coursework involves a blended approach with a combination of in-person lectures, online assignments, and in-person tutorials and practicals. There are five lecture slots on the Rhodes University Timetable, one each day from Monday to Friday in the Chemistry Major Lecture Theatre.  The Friday lecture slot is often used for Tutorials and Tests.  The venues for these, for which attendance is compulsory, will be communicated during the course.  Coursework provides the theoretical structure on which to base your reading. The lecture topics are a guideline to the course content, so changes are likely to occur.

EAR101 Practicals

Practical material is integrated into the curriculum. Practicals are presented on Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons. You will be assigned to ONE of these sessions. Practicals are compulsory, and an Attendance Register is taken. Practicals are held in G10 (accessed through the Geography Department) and run from 14h00 to 17h00. Practical assignments (whether finished or not) must be handed in at the end of the practical session before you leave.


Suppose you miss a class or cannot complete an online assignment for an acceptable reason, such as ill health. In that case, you must complete a Leave of Absence Form (LOA) and hand it to the Geography Secretary in the 1st Term, and the Geology Secretary in the 2nd Term. 

Missing a lecture, an online assignment, or a practical does not absolve you from completing the work that must be made up in your own time and handed in at an agreed time and date.


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