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GOG 201: Space and Place in Southern Africa I

This course examines fundamental processes that determine the physical and human geography of southern Africa. Concepts, theories and examples from other regions help us to understand the southern African experience. Contemporary issues such as environmental change and associated problems of human development will be examined. Selected human and physical geographical perspectives are used to understand rural and urban landscapes.




Dr S. Memela & Ms P. Irvine


EAR101 50 %, GOG102 50 %, OR GOG 1 60 % (If less than 50 % is achieved in either of the component courses).

DP Requirements:

Over 80 % lecture attendance; attendance and completion of ALL tutorials, assignments and practicals.


GOG201 and GOG202 can be aggregated as GOG 2 at the Head of Department's discretion.


20 (i.e. a minimum of 200 notional hours)


Coursework:    50 %

Exam:               50 %


A single three-hour exam or two, two-hour papers, the structure is communicated during the course.


40 %

Note:                   There are NO supplementary exams for this course.

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