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Hall Senior Student Welcome

Welcome to St. Mary’s Hall!


St. Mary’s is an all-female hall that accommodates a delightful group of individuals. Some aim to meet new people and to cultivate meaningful relationships; others seek to find revitalising experiences; others chase academic excellence and most seek to find growth across all spheres of their lives.


The hall takes pride in creating an environment that upholds the ethos of sisterhood. The ethos speaks to create a support system for its students. In fact, the St. Mary’s Hall song reinforces the said ethos as it states: “Just call on me sister, when you need a hand. We all need somebody to lean on…lean on me, when you’re not strong”.


Moreover, St. Mary’s Hall preaches that its students embrace their environment while being open to learning, unlearning and relearning. Thus, the hall is aligned with the Rhodes University motto, “Where leaders learn”.


Even more so, being optimistic and adopting a forgiving frame of mind is the attitude that the individuals of St. Mary’s Hall continue to adopt. It is an attitude that has almost always guaranteed high altitudes for the students of St. Mary’s Hall.


Cynthia S. Alexander

St. Mary’s Hall Senior Student

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