Housekeeping Information

Rhodes University has a dedicated compliment of staff in its Housekeeping Department headed by Mrs Ndumi Magodla.  A housekeeper and one room attendant per residence is allocated to every hall.  They are responsible for the hygiene in public areas such as the common rooms, passages and bathrooms and also the student rooms once all the students have vacated their rooms (when they don't pack up).


The Residence Housekeeper is also responsible for putting chemicals in the bathroom geywater tanks that students use to flush toilets.  This measure is taken to ensure that the greywater is safe for usage at all times.  Please see the water protocol available in every residence in the St Mary Hall file normally situated in the respective duty rooms.


Head of Housekeeping

Mrs Ndumi Magodla

E-mail address:


St Mary Hall Housekeeping


Mrs Bulelwa Mzileni

Tel number:  +270466038522

E-mail Address:


Residence room attendants

Senior Room Attendant

Noluthando Fall - works in LB, LB Annex and JK annex 

Room Attendants

Lulama Dwani - Olive Schreiner

Vacant/Contract - Phelps

Vacant/Contract - John Kotze



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