Address for mail and courier services

St Mary Hall postal address is:


Student name and surname

(Name of Residence)- John Kotze House, Phelps House, Olive Schreiner House, Lilian Britten House

Private Bag X1032

St Mary Hall




Please ensure the name of the student and residence are clearly stated on all correspondence sent to ensure it reaches the correct person. All St Mary Hall postal mail is delivered to the Hall Administrator via the mail room. This mail is then sorted and placed in the various Residences trays where it is daily collected and distributed by the respective Sub-Wardens.  All mail will be placed in the Residence "mailboxes" by the sub-wardens on duty during the course of the day from Mondays to Fridays.


In order to send a package via courier kindly use the following address:


Student Name


Student Residence


St Mary Hall

c/o Hall Administrator

John Kotze House

Artillery Road


Tel: 046 603 8576


Please ensure you state the name of the residence as well as the students name and contact number on the package to ensure it reaches the correct student and to ensure the student can be contacted in cases where the Hall Administrator is not available.

Also note that the package will be collected by the sub-warden on duty for your residence and will be brought to you.  You will not be contacted by the Hall Administrator to say a package has arrived, as packages are collected from Hall office daily by the sub-wardens on duty

All changes of home addresses and telephone numbers should be promptly updated on ROSS and the information must be provided to your House Warden and/or Hall Administrator as soon as possible (and within 24 hours of changes coming into effect)

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