House Committee

 Dear New Phelpie

Congratulations on being accepted at Rhodes University. We warmly welcome you to quite simply the best residence at Rhodes and we trust that you will soon feel at home in this fantastic community of friends.

Our culture at Phelps is based on the philosophy of uBuntu, a philosophy of life which represent personhood, humanity, group solidarity and the fundamental belief that human being is a human being because of other human beings.

We are looking forward to meeting and getting to know you individually. We wish you luck for the academic year, may your results reflect your hard work and endurance all year round and do not be afraid to ask for academic help when you need it from anyone in the house.

Your Head of House 2020



From the subbies:

To Our First Years

Yippee you’re in varsity! That moment you’ve always been waiting for has finally arrived, congratulations and welcome to Rhodes University Phelps House. The next few years promise exciting experiences for you as a member of our dynamic “home away from home”. Our residence prides itself in the unity, sisterhood and the diverse atmosphere. This is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, experience lifelong friendships, gain real-world learning and, of course, have fun. There will be some peaks and valleys along the way, but they will all be worth it.


We look forward to being part of your amazing journey, as you take your first step towards your future. Remember, we’re a few doors away.


Your loving Sub-wardens,

Okuhle and Nondue

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