Term 1 2011

17 February 2011: Sasha Polakow-Suransky Brothers in arms: A Military
Alliance is Born.
Sasha Polakow-Suransky

23 February: Joshua Kirshner “We are Gauteng People” Challenging the
politics of xenophobia in Khutsong, South Africa.
Joshua Kirshner

2 March: Carla Tsamparis Not So 'Gay' After All - Constructing
(Homo)sexuality in AIDS Research in the South African Medical Journal,
Carla Tsampiras

11 March: Raj Patel How the US Wants Africa to Feed Itself.
Raj Patel

16 March: John Rose The Impact of Egypt's Crisis on the Middle East Peace
John Rose

23 March: Kerry Chance The Work of Violence: Armed Attacks at the Kennedy
Road Shack Settlement
Kerry Chance

30 March: Enocent Msindo Towards a New Understanding of Nationalism in
Zimbabwe: Ideologies, Alternatives Platforms, and the Place of Violence
Enocent Msindo

Term 2 2011

13 April: Professor Thenjiwe Miyewa: Till Death do Us Part': Names Politics and Women's Experiences Following a Change in Marital Status.
Prof Thenjiwe Miyewa

20 April: Robbie van Niekirk:“Social Policy, Social Citizenship and the Historical Idea of a Social Democratic Welfare State in South Africa” .
Robbie van Niekirk

4 May: Jane Duncan: "Voice, political mobilisation and repression under Jacob Zuma".
Jane Duncan

11 May: Sally Matthews: Renouncing Privilege, Using Privilege.
Sally Matthews

18 May: Tarak Kate: "Challenges of Rural Development".
Tarak Kate

25 May: Kirk Helliker: Civil Society & Emancipation in Zimbabwe.
Dr Kirk Helliker

1 June: Mark Hunter: "Love in the Time of AIDS: Inequality, Gender, and Rights in South Africa".
Mark Hunter

8 June: Nigel Gibson: "The New North African Syndrome".
Nigel Gibson

15 June: Jaine Roberts

22 June: Antonidia Borges

Term 3 2011

27 July:  Tu Huynh: “Indentured Chinese Labor in South Africa’s Black-White Binary, 1903-1910”.
Tu Huynh

3 August: “Escaping the Enemy Within: The political economy of post-colonial disasporas - lessons from Liberia”
Siphokazi Magadla

10 August: Jaine Roberts - The Social Epidemiology of Silicosis: The hidden epidemic of silicotic gold miners in the Eastern Cape - A social disease with medical aspects, and a travesty of justice

17 August: Richard Pithouse “Fidelity to Fanon”

Richard Pithouse

24 August: Julian Brown “A Presumed Equality: A case study of the relationship between state and citizens in post-apartheid South Africa”

Julian Brown

31 August: Michael Neocosmos, UNISA: Transition, Human Rights & Violence: rethinking a liberal political relationship in an African neo-colony.

Michael Neocosmos

7 September: : The decline of the alter-globalization movement in Italy:  towards the end of conflict?


22 September: Jan Theron: PRISONERS OF A PARADIGM: Labour broking, the 'new services' and non-standard employment.

28 September: Tim Gibbs, WITS: Ah! Dilintzaba!* - “The One Who Breaks Down Barriers”: Pathekile Holomisa, a networked chief.

Tim Gibbs

5 October: Chris McMichael- 'Hosting the World': The 2010 Word Cup & the new Military Urbanism.

12 October: Professor Ken Good- The Capacities of the People Versus a Predominant, Militarist, Ethno-Nationalist Elite: Democratisation in South Africa c. 1973-1997.

Professor Ken Good

13 October: Professor Alberto Bialakowsky- Key questions on the Labour Force and the productive forces within Latin America.

13 October: Professor Alberto Bialakowsky- Socio-Economic problems related to Latin America.

14 October: Tayo Fashoyin- Decent Work and Rights in Employment.

Tayo Fashoyin

18 October: Nora Haimovici- Rethinking health practices in conditions of extreme vulnerability: a social approach.

19 October: Ms. Danielle Bowler- Contested Constructions of Colouredness & the Kuli Roberts Saga.

25 October
: Patrick Gunnigle- Weathering the storm?  Multinational companies and human resource management through the global financial crisis.

Patrick Gunnigle


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Departmental Seminar Series 2012


2 March-  Komlan Agbedahin: PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Rhodes University

Topic: Researching in an African war-torn zone: A walk in a minefield with war profiteers?

Komlan Agbedahin

9 March- Gary Prevost: St. John's University & the College of St. Benedict, Minnesota. Rhodes University.

Topic: Social Movements and Leftist Governments in Latin America

16 March- Janet Cherry, Department of Development Studies, NMMU

Topic: Africa Burning: Southern African livelihood strategies in the context of climate change

23 March- Marie Huchzermeyer, Professor, School of Architecture and Planning University of the Witwatersrand.

Topic: South Africa's drive to eradicate informal settlements - a conceptual and global perspective

Marie Huchzermeyer

3 April- Guest speaker: Henrik Ernstson (African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University)

Topic: Urban ecology as culture and empowerment: Re-translating nature in post-apartheid Cape Town

2 May- Vashna Jagarnath, History, Rhodes University

Topic: The Diary as “The mirror of the self": An interrogation of the impact of diary writing on the development of Gandhi’s philosophical and political ideology.

Vashna Jagarnath

11 May- Amitav Acharya (Professor of International Relations, American University, Washington D.C. and Nelson Mandela Visiting Professor of International Relations, Rhodes University)

Topic: Dissent &Diversity in the Global Order

Amitav Acharya.

27 July- Ashley Westaway, Environmental Learning Research Centre, Rhodes University

Topic: Rural Poverty in the Eastern Cape Province: Legacy of apartheid or consequence of contemporary segregationism?

Ashley Westaway

1 August- Ramola Ramtohul, Department of Social Studies, University of Mauritius

Topic: Globalization, Intersectionality and Women's Activism: An analysis of the women's movement in the Indian ocean Island of Mauritius.

Ramola Ramtohul

10 August- Andrews Atta-Asamoah, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Pretoria & Visiting Lecturer RU Politics Department.

Topic: Beyond Greed and Grievances: Natural Resource Characteristics and Conflicts in Africa.

Andrews Atta-Asamoah‌‌

17 August- Manase Chiweshe, Postdoctoral Fellow (Sociology, Rhodes)

Topic: Of Goals and Whores: Football Fandom and Misogynistic Songs at the Rufaro Stadium in Zimbabwe

Manase Chiweshe

24 August 2012- Mandisa Mbali, Department of Sociology & Social Anthropology, Stellenbosch University

Topic: AIDS Activism & the Politics of Women's Health in South Africa

Mandisa Mbali

31 August 2012- Prof. Lucien van der Walt, Department of Sociology, Rhodes University

Topic: Adding Red to the Black Atlantic? Black revolutionary syndicalists and the South African Native National Congress's radicalisation, 1917-1920.

Prof Lucien van der Walt

21 September 2012- Dr. Jacques Depelchin, Hugh le May Fellow, Departments of History & Politics, Rhodes University

Topic: How Not to Write About Being Colonized

Dr. Jacques Depelchin

28 September 2012- Dr. Sally Mathews, Departments of History & Politics, Rhodes University

Topic: Privilege, Solidarity and Social Justice Struggles in South Africa

Sally Matthews

4 October 2012- Prof John Holloway, Professor John Holloway is visiting Rhodes University under the Andrew Mellon Foundation Senior Scholar's Programme. Professor Holloway, who is based in Mexico, is one of the foremost thinkers globally on political and social emancipation. He is the author of Change the World without Taking Power (2002) and Crack Capitalism (2010).

John Holloway

5 October 2012- Dr. Kirk Helliker, Department of Sociology, Rhodes University

Topic: Debunking civil society in Zimbabwe and 'most of the world'

Kirk D Helliker

10 October 2012- Professor Jacklyn Cock, University of the Witwatersrand

Topic: Contested understandings of the 'green economy': a wolf in sheep's clothing or an alternative development path?

Jacklyn Cock

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