Seminar Series

The Political Studies and Sociology Departments are co-hosting a weekly Critical Studies Seminar Programme throughout 2011, during each term. There is an exciting range of topics and presenters that form part of the programme, including international, national and local presenters (and including a good mix of academics, students and activists).

ALL ARE WELCOME. Any queries, contact R. Pithouse at or K. Helliker at


Friday 22 February 2013- Kirk Helliker: Reproducing White Commercial Farms in South Africa.

K.Helliker 2013 Seminar Series
Friday 15 March 2013- Irene Calis: The Anti-Politics of Aid: A View 'from Below'.
Friday 12 April 2013- Bert Olivier: The Tacit Assumptions Guiding Research and Teaching.
Friday 19 April 2013- Peter Alexander: Class in Soweto.

Peter Alexander 2013 Seminar Series
Friday 26 April 2013- Richard Pithouse: Conjunctural remarks on the political significance of 'the local'.

Richard Pithouse 2013 Seminar Series

Friday 3 May 2013- Kirk Helliker: NGOs: Undermining rural struggles in post-apartheid South Africa?

Kirk D Helliker- NGOs (2013)

Tuesday 7 May 2013- FACULTY OF HUMANITIES- Prof Jane Duncan: ‘The Regulation of Protests under Jacob Zuma’.

Friday 10 May 2013- Clevis Headley: Monahan on the Ontology of Race: Race, Being, and the Politics of Purity.

Friday 17 May 2013- Fiona Anciano: Agents of Change? Reflections on Post-Apartheid Social Movements.

Friday 24th May 2013- Chika Mba: Fanon's Cultural Humanism and the Challenge of Global Justice.

Friday 2nd August 2013- Dr Yoon park: 'Upstairs' and 'downstairs' dimensions of China and the Chinese in South Africa.

Dr Yoon Park 2013

Friday 16 August 2013- Shingai Mutizwa-Mangiza: Party Organization in Kenya.

Shingai Mutizwa-Mangiza

Friday August 23 2013-  Kwesi Aning: Understanding the nature of drug trafficking threats to regional security in West Africa.

Kwesi Aning

Friday September 13 2013- Dr Komlan Agbedahin: Reintegrating by enrolling: Making a case for a problem-solving post-conflict youth military academy in West Africa.

Komlan Agbedahin

Friday September 20 2013- Fabio Diaz: 'Give war a chance': all out war as a means of ending conflict (Sri Lanka and Columbia).

Friday September 27 2013- Dr Nicole Ulrich: Rethinking Citizenship and Subjecthood in Southern Africa: KhoiSan, labour relations, and the colonial state in the Cape of Good Hope (c.1652-1815).

Friday October 4 2013- Prof Praveen Jha: A Critical Analysis of the Global Food Regime - Implications for Food Security.

Prof Praveen Jha

Friday October 11 2013- Luis Gimenez: Contextualization of Saharaui music: Transnational agency through culture and politics.

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