1st Term 2013

Lecturer: Dr K. Helliker

Course: Contemporary Social Theory

Welcome to the Contemporary Social Theory course. There has been a ‘cracking-up’ of theory since the 1960s (Alex Callinicos, Social Theory: A Historical Introduction, 1999). In this respect, the main traditions began to break apart because of the increasing range, diversity and complexity of sociological thinking. In this regard, Anthony Elliott and Larry Ray (Key Contemporary Social Theorists, 2003) talk about the ‘widespread sense of disillusionment with classical forms of social thought’ (namely, Marxism, Durkheimian and Weberianism) and about ‘a significant proliferation in new conceptual approaches’.


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2nd Term 2013

Lecturer: Michael Drewett

Course: Sociology of Popular Culture

Welcome to this course on the sociology of popular culture. The course will consider various areas of popular culture as a means to exploring social issues in modern day society. The course is divided into five themes, each of which runs for just over a week. 


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4th Term 2013

Lecturer: Ms Tarryn Alexander

Section 1: Social Movement theory

Section 2: Feminist Theory


The State and Society/Political Sociology course will run from 9 September 2013- 25 October 2013.

This is a course for thinking ‘radical social change’ – as concept, as praxis and ultimately as a question which confronts every person, generation and society about their power to create new social and political realities.  Is there such a thing as collective power?  Is it possible to harness this power - through thought and action – in order to make a better, freer and more humane society thinkable and liveable?

In this course you are invited to explore ideas of social transformation from the perspectives of social movement theory and feminist theory.

State and Society/Political Sociology 2013


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