Research activities fall under the following broad interconnected areas: (1) sexualities; (2) reproduction; and (3) unsupportable pregnancies/abortion. Within each of these broad areas, a number of related themes of inquiry are conducted.

Recent systematic literature reviews point to certain cross-cutting issues in sexualities and reproduction (e.g. gender stereotypes underpin young people’s sexual behaviour ; intimate partner violence is associated with unintended pregnancies; cultural beliefs concerning pregnancy affect antenatal usage). Within this, the socio-spatial specificity of discourses, narratives and practices relating to sexualities and reproduction is increasingly recognised (see, for example, the collection by Browne, Lim and Brown (2009)). A strategic aim of the CSSR research programme is to conduct comparative research where feasible and appropriate (the United Kingdom, Poland, India and Zimbabwe). This research highlights commonalities and differences in the human and social dynamics underpinning reproduction across these sites and allows for greater depth of analysis of the South African data.

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