Megan Reuvers

Megan is currently undertaking her Master’s by thesis where she is investigating women’s experiences of pregnancy support. Her supervisor is Professor Catriona Macleod. This project uses an intercategorical intersectional approach outlined by Leslie McCall, (2005) to examine the event of a pregnancy in terms of its complexity.

The analysis is underpinned by Macleod’s supportability framework (2016), which views support during pregnancy as not only located on an individual level but also embedded in social, political and structural contexts. Viewed through an intercategorical intersectional lens, this study aims to operationalize the supportability framework qualitatively. This is being done by conducting an analysis which examines how women discursively construct their support experiences through narrating their pregnancy experience. Narratives were collected using the method of photo elicitation.


Reuvers, M (2017). Women’s experiences of pregnancy support – an intersectional approach paper presented at the first Pan-African Psychology Congress Durban, South Africa, 18-21 September 2017.




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