Overarching goal

Despite the introduction of enabling sexual and reproductive health legislation, and the implementation of a range of public health, non-governmental and educational interventions, South Africa is faced with multiple challenges surrounding sexuality and reproduction, including: high levels of forced sexual debut, sexual coercion and violence; transactional sex; HIV infection; rape (including child rape); hate crimes against lesbian women and gay men (including ‘corrective’ rape); unwanted and unsupportable pregnancies; and a high maternal mortality rate. Barriers to sexual and reproductive health service provision include structural factors (e.g. travelling distances and cost incursion in reaching a facility), and a range of social dynamics (e.g. abortion is seen in some areas as destructive of cultural values and traditions). The above-mentioned challenges and barriers are simultaneously rooted in, and serve to perpetuate, a range of social inequities centred on race, class, ability, sexual orientation, age and gender.  The overarching goal of the Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction (CSSR) research programme is to conduct critical research that addresses the social and human dynamics underpinning our slow progress towards full sexual and reproductive citizenship for all.

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