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Harvard University:

  •  The Performance of Art in Africa and the African Diaspora

 Rhodes University:

(These modules have been taught at different times from 2006 to the present, and not all modules are taught each year)

  • AHV1: Carnivals and Street Parades
  • AHV1: Landscape in Southern Africa
  • AHV1: Portraiture in Africa
  • AHV1: Heritage and Site-Specific Art in South Africa
  • AHV2: African Modernisms
  • AHV2: Globalisation, Diaspora and Displacement
  • AHV3: Power and Protest in South African Art
  • AHV3: Unpacking ‘Race’ in South African Art
  • AHV3: Violence and the Aesthetics of Crime
  • AHV3: The Body in Middle Eastern, African and African-American Art
  • AHV3: Research Methodologies
  • AHV3: Contesting Masculinities
  • AHV3: Orientalism and Strategies of Veiling
  • AHV4/Honours: Performance Theories
  • AHV4/Honours: ‘Place’, Transnationalism and the Global South
  • AHV4/Honours: Critical Issues in Contemporary African Art
  • AHV4/Honours: Theoretical Issues in African Art History
  • Honours: Geopolitics, the Global South and the Arts of Africa


Supervision completed:


  • Nomusa Makhubu


  • Rachel Baasch
  • Lerato Bereng
  • Simone Heymans
  • Paul Greenway
  • Luke Kaplan
  • Carmen Koekemoer
  • Eben Lochner
  • Lindi Lombard
  • Gerald Machona
  • Nomusa Makhubu
  • Dotun Makun
  • Kelebogile Marope
  • Zamansele Nsele
  • Hayley Pycroft
  • Bronwen Salton
  • Scott Stirling
  • Mark Wilby

Current supervision:


  • Rachel Baasch
  • Paul Cooper
  • Eben Lochner
  • Rob Murray
  • Zamansele Nsele
  • Nontobeko Ntombela


  • Igshaan Adams
  • Churchill Madikida
  • Lara Littleford
  • Ivy Kulundu-Gotz
  • Andrew Mulenga
  • Patrick Mumba
  • Chemu Ng’ok
  • Carolyn Nott 

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