HERS-SA is a managed network to improve the status of women in higher education in South Africa. It has grown from HERS Mid-America, which has been running professional development activities for women in higher education in the United States since 1975.

HERS-SA runs a week long programme called the ACADEMY, this is an interactive professional development opportunity for women employed in Higher Education throughout Southern Africa. It is aimed at those women currently employed or possessing the potential to be employed, at the senior management level. 

This year's HERS-SA Academy will be in Cape Town from 3 September to 7 September 2017.

Once again a unique opportunity is offered for women to shape their own programme to suit their development needs. Each morning the delegates will enjoy hearing from plenary speakers chosen for their Higher Education expertise. Afternoons will be devoted to professional development workshops pre-selected by the delegates. Evening dinners are networking opportunities enhanced by the contributions of inspirational women who share their life and career stories.

2017 HERS-SA Academy Programme 

HERS-SA indicates that the women who are eligible for participation are those:

  • Who currently hold a senior position in a HE institution
  • Who wish to prepare for a senior management position in a HE institution
  • Who are keen to develop strategic management skills
  • Who would benefit from the opportunity to reflect on their own professional development
  • Who would value the opportunity to meet and network with other senior women employed in HE in Southern Africa

RHODES UNIVERSITY usually reserves one place for a member of the support staff and one place for a member of the academic staff.

Interested parties are required to motivate to attend. Refer to the Application Process

From 2008, it is proposed that the following process is followed:

  1. Women in the institution are invited to apply for one or two places sponsored by Rhodes University;
  2. Deans and Heads of Divisions will also be encouraged to identify suitable individuals and ask them to consider applying;
  3. In these applications, the applicants will be required to comment on their professional development and their possible career plans as well as a motivation on how they think they will benefit from this opportunity;
  4. Usually one place will be for a member of the support staff and one place for a member of the academic staff;
  5. Deans or the person’s immediate manager will be asked to comment on the person’s suitability to utilise the opportunity and whether this is the right time in terms of her career development;
  6. A committee consisting of the DVC: Academic and Student Affairs, a Dean or Deputy Dean of Faculty, a Director of a Division and the HR Director will make the final decision.

The decision will be taken bearing the following in mind:

  1. The appropriateness of participation by the individual given the stage of her career and professional development and other career and professional development priorities. This will be illustrated in the career trajectory of the applicant.
  2. The expressed career intention of the individual. In this regard, indecisiveness as regards the desire to pursue a senior management position would not be seen as problematic provided that participation in the Academy would help the individual to make a decision in this regard;
  3. Individual’s participation and profile within the institution e.g. participation in key fora, nature of this participation in particular the individual’s ability to contribute to the strategic thinking in the institution; and
  4. The benefits that would derive from the individual’s participation at the person, departmental, Faculty and institutional levels

The funds for this will come from the Ad hoc Training Fund of which a portion will be specifically ring-fenced for this programme

Deadline date for applications: Friday, 2 June 2017

An application should include the following:

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