Support Staff

The responsibility for the development of any one member of staff is shared by:

  • The University in terms of allocation of resources for staff development
  • The individual’s manager in terms of facilitating development and providing access to development opportunities
  • The individual in taking responsibility for his/her own development

The manager is responsible for:

  • Ensuring appropriate on-the-job development including induction to the jobGiving appropriate feedback to the individual as regards performance so that staff development activities are appropriately focused on addressing areas of development
  • Engaging with staff as regards staff development as well as career development
  • Ensuring that staff development opportunities are linked to particular goals related to enhancing efficiencies or effectiveness in the current job or preparing the individual for new responsibilities (this could be delegation of responsibilities in the current job or preparation for the next level of post)
  • Ensuring that appropriate staff development is taking place
  • Ensuring that staff members meet their staff development responsibilities
  • Engaging with staff on returning from training to ensure that learning is transferred to the workplace
  • Where appropriate, saying “no” to staff wishing to engage in staff development opportunities
  • Assisting an individual with career development planning
  • Linking staff development to future staffing within the department/section/Division

For further information and guidance, refer to "career development", "developing performance", "rights and responsibilities" etc. on the drop down menu above.

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