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75th Anniversary Bursary

Background and budget

In 1979 Rhodes University celebrated its 75 years of existence. In this 75th Anniversary dinner, academics who attended the dinner challenged each other to make individual financial contributions towards the financing of education for permanent staff members dependants from grades 1-5 and R1 – R4. The University matched their contribution to make it sustainable. This bursary is therefore named after this noble initiative. Since then the Human Resources Division annually allocates a budget for this fund.

75th Anniversary Bursary Form


  1. Beneficiaries (biological or formally/legally adopted children for which the staff member has registered them as dependants with the University) of permanent staff members. Dependants of retired past permanent staff members, medically boarded past permanent staff members or permanent past staff member who have died in service are also eligible for the first ten years after the staff member has left the employ of the University;
  2. Beneficiaries need to have passed matric.

Scope of bursary:

  • Post-matric studies at a recognised tertiary institution other than a University;
  • University studies will only be considered in the case where Rhodes does not offer the particular qualification or where the individual has not been allowed to register at Rhodes University due to their matric results;
  • This fund will not pay for beneficiaries who want to upgrade matric symbols/subjects.

Value of Bursary:

  • The bursary pays 75% of the tuition fees only to the maximum of per annum to be determined by the HR Division. As from 2010, this value is R7 000,00 per year (per dependant generally up to a maximum of two. For additional dependants the Deputy Director will use her/his discretion in awarding the bursary depending to the availability of funds);
  • The bursary only pays for tuition. Therefore books, transport, accommodation, living expenses etc are not covered;
  • The bursary is paid in two tranches, one for each semester and is subject to the conditions under point 6 below;
  • The renewal of a bursary and any monies to be paid is also subject to whether or not the beneficiary is receiving other financial support e.g. other bursaries. This will allow for these funds to be redistributed to other beneficiary applications.

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