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Continuing Education Fund

The Continuing Education Fund exists to assist support and academic staff wishing to further their formal education by helping to pay the tuition fees for part-time studies at an educational institution other than Rhodes University.

In the case of all staff, fees at another institution will only be paid where the individual is unable to study at Rhodes University. In the case of support staff, this is usually because the course is not offered at Rhodes, or the staff member is unable to attend classes during the day due to work commitments. In the case of academic staff, it may be necessary to study elsewhere because of the supervisory expertise not being available at Rhodes.

The conditions of the funds including the extent of support and conditions linked to support are outlined in the document below.

Conditions for CE Funding

Conditions for CE Funding for MBA

There are different processes for applying for funds for academics versus support staff.

Support staff:

Applications are called for once a year. No applications are considered during the course of the year. The HR Division considers these applications. Closing date for applications is 24 February 2017.

CE Funding Application Form - Support Staff

Conditions for CE Funding

Progress Report (To be completed by staff members who received funding in 2016 and would like to apply for funding in 2017).

Academic staff:

Applications can be made on an ad hoc basis for Masters and Doctoral and should be directed to the Research Office for consideration.

CE Funding Application for Academic Staff


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