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Application Process

  1. Women in the institution are invited to motivate for one or two places sponsored by Rhodes University;
  2. Deans and Heads of Divisions are also encouraged to identify suitable women and ask them to consider submitting a motivation
  3. In these motivations, the applicants will be required to comment on their professional development and their possible career plans as well as how they think they will benefit from this opportunity
  4. The applicant is then required to submit her motivation to her Dean or immediate manager who will comment on her suitability to utilise the opportunity and whether this is the right time in terms of her career development;
  5. Having provided these comments the Dean or manager is requested to submit the documentation directly to: The Director: HR.

DEADLINE for submission of final documentation (the Ad hoc Funding Application Form , a motivation and Curriculum Vitae) to HR: Friday, 29 May 2015

2017 HERS-SA Academy Programme

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