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Rhodes University supports all published literary works by our alumni. However, all views and opinions are the author’s and do not represent the views of the University.

Business Protection & Corporate Financial Planning book cover
Business Protection and Corporate Financial Planning
by Tony Granger (1980)
Business Protection and Corporate Financial Planning covers the major business protection and wealth creation strategies for business owners at all levels.  This comprehensive practical guide is aimed at financial planners and business owners and their financial and tax advisers.  It fills a major gap in the corporate financial planning sector on how to build successful protection and wealth creation for and through the business, dealing with business valuations, employee benefits, taxation, insurance and improving the efficiency of the business. Business future scenario planning considers ESG and net zero objectives, ensuring business owners stay ahead of environmental compliance.  The book is recommended reading for the CISI’s Advanced Financial Planning Certificate. Available:
Servings of self mastery bookcover by alistair mokoena
Servings of Self-Mastery
by Dr Alistair Mokoena (1993)
Self-mastery is the pinnacle of self-effectiveness. It is the reset button that puts you back in control of your life and helps you make healthy choices in both your personal and business life.With short, easy-to-digest pep talks, this book will help you to coach yourself out of the negative mind-states that hold you back. Servings of self-mastery is packed with bite-sized reminders of the greatness within us, together with the tools to unlock potential and abundance in all aspects of our lives. It is a book that is written with love and compassion to help you thrive. Available on: Exclusive Books, Amazon, Takealot, Barnes & Noble, Wordsworth
Seven Souther African Poets  book cover
Seven Southern African Poets and the Natural World
by Prof Dan Wylie (1980)
Written from the perspective of our terrifying present moment of global environmental crisis, the book looks back to explore how each of seven southern African poets has written about the natural foundation of our existence. Available at Atelier Publishers, Makhanda; or
Guerrilas and Combative Mother bookcover
Guerrillas and Combative Mothers
by Prof Siphokazi Magadla (2004)
Guerrillas and Combative Mothers offers a first-hand account of women's participation in the armed struggle against apartheid from 1961 to 1994 and their lives in a democratic South Africa. It is based on 40 life histories of women who fought with the rural-based Poqo, the military wing of the Pan Africanist Congress; the exile-based uMkhonto we Sizwe, the military wing of the African National Congress; and the township-based self-defence units. Centring women’s agency, commitment, beliefs and actions, it details the various ways in which women came to be politicised and the decisions and circumstances that led them to join the armed struggle inside South Africa and in exile. By illuminating the different eras and arenas of women’s participation, this book shows the broadness of the armed struggle against apartheid as a historical truth and as a matter of gender equality and justice for an inclusive and more democratic future. Available: Van Schaik, Clarkes books, UKZN Press, The Forge, Pro Visions bookstore  
Crude Oil bookcover
Crude Continent
by Duncan Clarke (1966)
The scramble for Africa - the great uncharted frontier in world oil and gas – is part of a continuing struggle for oil that started before the Cold War. It engages over 500 corporations, including state oil companies from six continents. And yet Africa retains a vast underbelly of ancient subsistence economies on which the quest for oil has had little impact. Crude Continent is the first in-depth exploration of this complex subject, providing ground-breaking insights into the continent’s oil history, economics and fragmented geopolitics. Based on an intimate understanding of the origins, evolution and current state of Africa’s oil game, Crude Continent shows how an array of flawed and fragile governments, shadowy politicians, warlords, militia, oil executives, financiers, state institutions and myriad ‘masters’ are all seeking their piece of the prize.  it is an enduring epic struggle – and one that has left many empty-handed. Available: Amazon and Profile Books
Old Rhodian Authors
Dr Garrath Rosslee
Barbara Mutch
Caitlin Stobie
Max Mabuti
Carol Leff
Stuart Stromin
VC's Book Awards
The Social and Political Thought of Archie Mafeje
by B Nyoka
Children of Hope: The Odyssey of the Oromo Slaves from Ethiopia to South Africa
by S Rowaldt Shell
A Survey of South African Crime Fiction: Critical Analysis and Publishing History
by S Naidu co-authored with Professor Elizabeth le Roux
South Africa’s Border War: Contested Narratives and Conflicting Memories
by G Baines
Antjie Krog and the Post-Apartheid Public Sphere – Speaking Poetry to Power
by AC Garman