Diary of Captain James Maurice Primrose

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Diary of Captain James Maurice Primrose: 43rd Regiment of foot / edited and annotated by Dr Caroline Jackson.
Available from Cory Library @ R329.00 plus postage and packing.  Please e-mail here.

"How does Primrose's diary differ from other written records surviving from the British troops involved in the war [of 1850-53]? The main difference is that it is a daily diary, written up every day and thus providing a continuous record of what it was like to experience the periods in camp and thus the domestic detail of army life, as well as action against the Xhosa. By contrast, the memoirs of James McKay, of William Ross King and of Thomas Stubbs were written up after the event, and in the light of knowledge of the outcome of the war. [1] Other military diaries that exist in various British record offices appear to be less comprehensive than Primrose's account - Dr Caroline Jackson."