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Primary Sources

Cory Library aims to make available a number of primary sources. These original materials were authored as history happened, and often present new concepts, first report discoveries and results, or share new knowledge. Primary resesources are those accounts on which other research is based. 

Many of our primary resources are selected as a result of queries by our library users.

Glimpse into the mythology of the Maluti Bushmen by J M Orpen
In 1873, J M Orpen obtained the services of a San guide named Qing. As they travelled through the Maluti mountains, Orpen copied rock paintings and Qing explained what they meant. This unique record has been basic to the reinterpretations of rock art first put forward by Patricia Vinnicombe in People of the Eland (1976) and David Lewis-Williams, Believing and Seeing (1981). Read more

Iziduko zama Hlubi

Henry Masila Ndawo compiled a selection of amaHlubi clan izibongo in Iziduko zama-Hlubi
[Alice] : Lovedale Press, 1939. Read more

Bhaca Music
by Nora and Charles Scully
William Charles Scully was born in Ireland in 1855, and came out to South Africa with his parents while still a boy. He found no diamonds in Kimberley or gold at Pilgrim’s Rest, but eventually made it into the civil service through his family connections. His Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer and Further Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer (both 1913) are still worth reading. Read more

Bird-lore of the Eastern Cape Province by Rev. Robert Godfrey
Rev. Robert Godfrey left Scotland in 1907 to join the United Free Church of Scotland mission at Pirie. Always a keen naturalist, once in the Eastern Cape he continued his habit of collecting and describing bird specimens, epecially in the areas where he was stationed: Pirie, Somerville and the Blythswood Institution.Read more

Eadie Diary
, Siege of Kimberley
David Eadie ‘left the Glascow Postal Department and was sent to South Africa as a telegraphist', starting with the General Post Office, South Africa in May 1885. As a member of the permanent Civil Service he did not remain in the Postal servicesRead more

Diaries Catalogue
Cory Library holds a number of diaries in various collections. This older printed finding aid lists a selection of these, with biographical details, supplemented by notes on the texts, with transcribed samples Read more

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