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Eastern Cape Reprints

Eastern Cape Reprints

Eastern Cape Reprints is a project of the Cory Library at Rhodes University, Grahamstown. It makes available facsimile reprints of scarce books, long unobtainable but of lasting value and utility. Each book is provided with an expert introduction, which highlights important aspects of the text, contextualises its background, and brings the reader up to date on subsequent relevant research.
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The Grahamstown Series

[Various Authors]
The Graham's Town Series was published by various presses over the years on behalf of Rhodes University. This series consists of edited diaries, collections of letters and other material relating to the Eastern Cape, South Africa.Read more

The Prophetic Nun

By Guy Butler.
This is the interwoven story of three extraordinary women who brought inspiration and joy to many:

  • Sister Margaret, a visionary painter;
  • Sister Pauline, a brilliant teacher of sculpture; and
  • Sister Dorothy Raphael, a dynamic social worker. Read more

We Can! Black Politics in Cradock, South Africa 1948-1985

By Michael Tetelman.

This monograph reflects the broader freedom struggle at the community or grassroots levels in South Africa.  Homing in on Cradock, We Can! shows our protest history in all its naked horrors, enduring contradictions, and occasional benign nuances. Read more about this book

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