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Find below a list of recent articles that contain references to Cory Library holdings, either in the texts or in the bibliographies. Rhodes staff and students can link to these articles directly.


Face-to-face negotiations: portraits of leaders at three South African universities: research / Brenda Schmahmann. De Arte, Issue 80 (2009) pp. 14-36

The trivial round, the common task: minutes of the Missionary Board of the Glasgow Missionary Society (1838-1843) / John S. Ross. In die Skriflig, Vol 43, Issue 3, (Dec 2009), pp. 563-583

North meets South in medical missionary work: Dr Neil Macvicar, African belief, and western reaction / Martin J. Lunde. South African Historical Journal, Vol 61, Issue 2 (2009), pp. 336-356

God's Family in the World': transnational and local ecumenism's impact on inter-church and inter-racial dialogue in South Africa in the 1920s and 1930s / Natasha Erlank. South African Historical Journal, Vol 61, Issue 2 (2009), pp. 278-297

Standing on the shoulders of colourful giants : 50 years of zoological research in southern Africa: invited paper / Peter J. Taylor; Michelle Hamer. African Zoology, Vol 44, Issue 2, (Oct 2009), pp. 217-231

The characterisation of the Colonial British and the Voortrekkers in Francis Brett Young's They seek a country (1937) / Frederick Hale. South African Journal of Cultural History, Vol 23, Issue 1, (Jun 2009), pp. 55-73

Unfinished business: the painful closure of the Federal Theological Seminary of Southern Africa / Philippe Denis. Missionalia : Southern African Journal of Mission Studies, Vol 37, Issue 1, (Apr 2009), pp. 5-19

Struggling to die well : aspects of Scottish missions in the Eastern Cape : opinions and information / John S. Ross. Word and Action = Woord en Daad, Vol 49, Issue 408 (2009), pp. 9-11

Nathaniel Merriman's Lecture: "Shakspeare, as Bearing on English History" / Laurence Wright. Shakespeare in Southern Africa, Vol 21 (2009), pp. 1-21


Christian Jacobus Groepe: Oosgrenspionier en veldkommandant van Katrivier / Jan C. Visagie. South African Journal of Cultural History, Vol 22, Issue 1, (Jun 2008), pp. 29-55

The expulsion of Mary Calata: the disturbance at St Matthews Missionary Institution, March 1945 / Tim White. Historia, Vol 53, Issue 1, (May 2008), pp. 82-101

Nathaniel Merriman's Lecture: "On the Study of Shakspeare" / Laurence Wright. Shakespeare in Southern Africa, Vol 20 (2008), pp. 39-61


The first mosque: Caledon Street, Uitenhage / Schalk le Roux. South African Journal of Cultural History, Vol 21, Issue 1, (Jun 2007), pp. 34-56

The First Novel in Xhosa / Jeff Opland. Research in African Literatures, Vol. 38, No. 4 (Winter, 2007), pp. 87-110

Ethnicity and Nationalism in Urban Colonial Zimbabwe: Bulawayo, 1950 to 1963 / Enocent Msindo. The Journal of African History, Vol. 48, No. 2 (2007), pp. 267-290


A hybrid identity among the Sukuma in the Tanzanian Africa Inland Mission / Fabian Maganda. Southern African Review of Education with Education with Production, Vol 12, Issue 1, (Oct 2006), pp. 31-43

'We must gain time' : South Africa, Rhodesia and the Kissinger initiative of 1976 / Sue Onslow. South African Historical Journal, Vol 56, (Dec 2006) pp.123-153


Voices of Spectral and Textual Ancestors: Reading Tiyo Soga alongside H. I. E. Dhlomo's "The Girl Who Killed to Save" / Jennifer Wenzel. Research in African Literatures, Vol. 36, No. 1 (Spring, 2005), pp. 51-73

'Union Boys in Caps Leading Factory Girls Astray?' The Politics of Labour Reform in Lesotho's 'Feminised' Garment Industry / Tim Gibbs. Journal of Southern African Studies, Vol. 31, No. 1 (Mar., 2005), pp. 95-115

The origins of the twentieth century Zulu beer vessel styles / Frank Jolles. Southern African Humanities, Vol 17 (2005), pp. 101-151

The relevance of (South African) Renaissance Studies / Laurence Wright. Shakespeare in Southern Africa, Vol 17 (2005), pp.19-25

Facing the challenge of 'Young Africa' : apartheid, South Africa and British Decolonisation / Rob Skinner. South African Historical Journal, Vol 54 (2005), pp. 54-71

'A strange thing is memory' : Emily Hobhouse, memory work, moral life and the 'concentration system' / Liz Stanley. South African Historical Journal, Vol 52 (2005) pp. 60-81

Asiyi eCiskei ['We are not going to the Ciskei'] : removals and resistance in the 'Border' Region, 1972-1988 / Luvuyo Wotshela. South African Historical Journal, Vol 52 (2005) pp. 140-169

A century of Zoology and Entomology at Rhodes University, 1905 to 2005 / A.N. Hodgson; A.J.F.K. Craig. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, Vol 60, Issue 1, (Apr 2005) pp. 1-18

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